Virus Vodka Wins Big at the SIP Awards!


Virus Vodka proved that it’s not just a gimmicky vodka, winning a Platinum Award on Taste for it’s clean, smooth, easy-to-drink profile.  We also won the prestigious Best of Class Award for Individual Bottle Design, only One Award was given this honor!

The Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards were created to fill the void that is the current state of international spirits competitions. The illusion created by massive advertising budgets, celebrity endorsements and lofty judging is old, tired and susceptible to industry bias.

There is no better group of advisors for a product than real consumers. The SIP Awards are the first to cut to the core of public opinion as a starting point, rather than an afterthought, in branding and product development. Catering to the palates and opinions of the consuming public, the SIP Awards present a unique, spirit-judging competition, unaffected by industry bias.

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