Virus Vodka Partners with Texas Inked


Virus Vodka™ is now the official and exclusive spirit brand for Texas Inked.

The six-times distilled premium brand, recently launched in Texas, is made in America, gluten-free, and kosher certified. Its smooth taste and clean finish, along with its compelling appeal to alternative subcultures, have quickly drawn a large following across the state.

The brand’s history is as unique as its fans. Legend has it that all of Earth’s unique creatures derived from one main source. One main virus that spread and mutated into several strains to bring us Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and the like. It is also said, that this virus will one day bring about the Apocalypse. After thousands of years, the company captured the essence of this virus to bring you Virus Vodka™.

Vodka lovers can taste what thousands of years of evolution has become by enjoying the quality spirit.  Its popularity is growing quickly, with over 27,000 social media followers who are enthusiastic about the taglines Get Infected™ and Spread the Virus™.

One of Virus Vodka’s™ newest fans is Hollywood veteran actor Robert LaSardo, known internationally not only for his extraordinary film and television credits, but also for his extensive neck, chest and arm ink. LaSardo recently visited Houston’s Article 91 studio for a photo shoot to endorse Virus Vodka. He will be featured in a new branding campaign currently under development and set to debut soon.

“We’re looking forward to building our partnership with Texas Inked. It’s a perfect fit. Virus Vodka™ fans are not your ordinary vodka drinkers; they’re into self-expression and individuality, just like those who are serious about their ink,” states Patient Zero with Immortal Brands, LLC, the company behind the new spirit.

To find out where to buy Virus Vodka™ and more about the brand, visit

Be one of the first to taste the new spirit by visiting the Texas Inked booth at the Houston Tattoo Extravaganza on March 5-7, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency, 1200 Louisiana. The lovely Veronica Gomez, along with other Texas Inked girls, will be serving up Virus Vodka™ samples.

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