The Tasting Panel Magazine – June 2015



A vodka must have an unusual hook to be successful in this market, and even then, there’s no guarantee that your brand will appeal to consumers. While other spirits fight for credibility and mainstream acceptance, Virus Vodka has taken the road less traveled and is looking for a client base that is, shall we say, askew of the norm. There has to be a place behind your bar for a vodka marketed in an Erlenmeyer flask and sporting a biological hazard symbol. The American-made spirit is produced from 100% corn that is six-times distilled in a continuous column still. After the vodka exits the still, it is subjected to TerrePURE ultrasonic filtration, an entirely revolutionary system for filtering impurities out of spirits. The finished vodka is gluten-free, kosher-certified and bottled at 80 proof. According to “Patient Zero,” creator of Virus Vodka, the product name and packaging are unlike anything developed for the beverage industry. “I grew up a rebel and was into everything from horror and sci-fi films to comic books, in addition to having numerous tattoos. All of the things I was into growing up are now becoming mainstream. After 14 years in the beverage business, I decided to put what I loved growing up and my career experience together to develop Virus Vodka. There are many consumers out there like myself that have embraced Virus Vodka for what it stands for. Virus Vodka is about a person’s individuality and originality, and we invite consumers to embrace their inner Patient Zero.”

Tasting Notes

The marshmallow/candied blueberry perfume spreads quickly out of the glass and into the nose in a feverish momentum. A vein of cocoa dust and white pepper merge in tandem, like a heartbeat, flowing to the midpalate and terminating with a ghostly whisper of anise. 90 —M.M.

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