Texas Frightmare Weekend

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015

Horror fans were lining up to Get Infected at this year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, TX.  Patient Zero and the Virus Vixens had their Quarantined Tent with lots of Virus Vodka samples and goodies for guests to enjoy.  All hotel bars featured menus with Virus Vodka inspired cocktails including Frankenstein’s Monster, Zombie Brains, The Werewolf, Alien Invasion, Dracula’s Blood and Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Here’s an excerpt from the official write up from www.dreadcentral.com:

Event Report: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015

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“…Fueling much of the madness this year was Virus Vodka, a new horror-themed vodka from a local distillery. Themed cocktails were available at all hotel bars. I tried more than one, and it’s yummy stuff! There was a little more stagger to the attendees than usual after hours, and I blame Virus for that…”

Click here for more images: http://www.wfaa.com/media/cinematic/gallery/26869805/texas-frightmare-weekend-2015/

Click here for video of the event: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wado5eBswmE



Virus Vodka Bar
Virus Villians
Infected Scarecrow
Patient Zero and Virus Vixens Amanda Kee & Dorian Dane
Hazmat Tattoos
Sid Haig
Joseph Gatt
Kitty Korvette
Kim Coates
Neve Campbell
William Sadler
Sherilyn Fenn
Tom Savini
Robert Bang
Lisa & Louise Burns
Silent Hill
Virus Boots
Patient Zero and Virus Vixens Amanda Kee & Dorian Dane

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